Panayot Butchvarov

Professor Emeritus


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Work in progress

  • Commonsense Political Philosophy

Dissertations directed

  • John Casey
  • Albert Casullo
  • Dennis E. Bradford
  • Dean Wilcox Curtin
  • Jan Christopher Dejnozka
  • Deborah Fitzgerald Kenshur
  • Daniel Holbrook
  • Dennis Bradshaw
  • Susan Brennan
  • Mary Ella Savarino
  • Huo-Wang Lin
  • William O'Brien
  • Gordon Knight (co-director)
  • Ronald Alexander
  • Terri Elliott
  • Hao-Fang Wang
  • Hee-Jeong Kim
  • Kenneth Williford (co-director)

Professional history

  • Instructor, University of Baltimore, 1955-December 1956.
  • Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, January 1957-59.
  • Assistant Professor, Syracuse University, 1959-61.
  • Associate Professor, Syracuse University, 1961-66.
  • Professor, Syracuse University, 1966-68.
  • Professor, University of Iowa, 1968-1995.
  • The University of Iowa Foundation Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, 1995-present.
  • Chairman, Department of Philosophy, University of Iowa, 1970-77.
  • Visiting professor, University of Iowa, Fall 1967.
  • Visiting Professor, University of Miami (Coral Gables), 1979-80.
  • Jerome S. Simon Lecturer, University of Toronto, Spring 1984.
  • Guest Professor, Akademie fuer Philosophie, Liechtenstein, Summer 1997.

Service at the University of Iowa

  • Chairman, Department of Philosophy, 1970-77.
  • Chair, College of Liberal Arts Self-Study Committee, 1992-93.
  • Member of the College of Liberal Arts Advisory Committee on Promotions and Tenure, the Presidential Lecture Committee, the Committee for Faculty Fellowships and Scholarships, University Research Council.
  • Chair, Iowa Review board.
  • President of the Humanities Society.
  • Member of review committees for the departments of Zoology, History, Botany, and Mathematics.
  • Member of the University Senate (three terms), The University of Iowa Press Board, the Historical Perspectives Coordinating Committee.
  • President of the Faculty Research Club.
  • Member of May Brodbeck Faculty Fellowships Committee, University of Iowa Press Review Committee, University of Iowa Libraries Review Committee.

Professional activities

  • American Philosophical Association, National Board of Officers
    • Member, 1991-94.
  • American Philosophical Association, Central Division.
    • President, 1992-93.
    • Vice-President, 1991-92
    • Chair, Nominating Committee, 1993-94.
    • Chairman, Program Committee for 1975.
    • Member, Program Committee for 1971.
    • Member, Program Committee for 1978.
    • Member, Nominating Committee for 1978.
  • Central States Philosophical Association.
    • President, 1988-89.
    • Vice-President, 1987-88.
    • Chair, Nominating Committee, 1990.
    • Member, Nominating Committee, 1991.
  • Editor, Journal of Philosophical Research, 1993-2002.
  • Referee for American Philosophical Quarterly, Nous, Philosophy and
  • Phenomenological Research,Journal for Philosophical Logic, Indiana
  • University Press, State University of New York Press, University
  • Press of Kansas, Rowman & Littlefield, University of Iowa Press,
  • Benjamins, Westview, McGill University Press,Lexington Books,
  • Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and probably some others.
  • University of Iowa Senior Faculty Fellow in the Humanities, 1983.
  • University of Iowa Council on Teaching Excellence Award, 1994.
  • State of Iowa Regents Award for Faculty Excellence, 1995.
  • Invited presentations: At meetings of the American Philosophical Association: Presidential Address, speaker in three symposia and chair of two, speaker in one colloquium, chair of a number of colloquia and commentator on a number of colloquium papers.
  • Speaker at annual meeting of the Metaphysical Society of America.
  • Presidential address, keynote address, commentator on paper, and chair at various meetings of the Central States Philosophical Association.
  • Chair and commentator on paper at meeting of the Bertrand Russell Society.
  • Keynote address at annual meeting of the Illinois Philosophical Association.
  • Lectures at the University of Virginia, Syracuse University (three lectures on three separate visits), University of Missouri at Columbia, Indiana University at Bloomington, Cornell College, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge (two lectures sponsored by the Council for Philosophical Studies), SUNY at Binghamton, SUNY College at Buffalo, SUNY at Geneseo, University of Miami (three lectures, two separate visits), American Catholic Philosophical Association (Florida chapter), University of Toronto (the inaugural Jerome S. Simon Philosophy Lectures - four lectures), East Carolina University (lecture at College of Medicine and special discussion, Department of Philosophy), University of Akron, Iowa State University, University of Minnesota at Morris, University of Texas at Austin, Westminster College (sponsored by the Council for Philosophical Studies), Northern Illinois University, University of Nebraska, University of Iowa on many occasions.
  • Lecturer at symposium on language and consciousness under the auspices of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Two lectures (one the keynote address) at conference at the National University of Taiwan, and one at Chung University.
  • Lecture, Akademie fuer Philosophie, Liechtenstein, Spindel Conference 2002: University of Memphis.
Panayot Butchvarov
PhD, University of Virginia